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No Capital Gains Tax. Ever.*

*Subject to strict compliance with the IRS & Treasury Department Rules and Regulations.

The Gravitas Fund is designed to capture the Qualified Opportunity Zone tax benefits made available to investors in the recently passed December 2017 Tax Reform Act. The Act created specially designated geographic districts that allows you to receive substantial tax breaks for investment capital. When the investment is held for 5 years, the tax basis in the original investment is increased by 10%, and after 7 years, an additional 5%. Once the investment is held for 10 years, you will recognize no capital gain income on the appreciation of the asset from the time of the initial investment in the QOZ.

Why Invest in the Gravitas Fund?

Tax Incentive

By investing in the Gravitas Fund, you can: (1) defer capital gains tax from the sale of appreciated assets until December 31, 2026, (2) lower capital gains tax by 10% after 5 years, and an additional 5% after 7 years due to an increase in the basis of the appreciated assets used to buy the fund interest, and (3) permanently eliminate capital gains tax after 10 years.

Planned Development

Sebastian Partners controls a 135-acre parcel which will be part of a 287-acre master planned community within a designated Qualified Opportunity Zone. The site will include 1000+/- residential units, plus approximately 40 acres of commercial with the potential for multi-family in the development.


The minimum investment in a QOZ Fund is $50,000, making it a highly accessible investment vehicle. With contracts already in the works to sell residential lots to national, publicly-traded homebuilders, investors can expect to see a return within 24-36 months.

*Sebastian Partners and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. Price appreciations are based on historical data and not based on future results.

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SEBASTIAN PARTNERS, LLC has acquired the rights to purchase newly-built single family homes and other qualifying Qualified Opportunity Zone properties to operate as income producing rental units in targeted Opportunity Zones.


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Lowest Median-Priced Home in Denver-Metro Area

Upwards Chart

Anticipated Return Exceeds 4.1X


Annual Preferential Returns starting in Year 3

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Over 35 Years Investing In Business & Real Estate Development.

Sebastian Partners has extensive experience in real estate investments across risk spectrums and property types including the development of multiple master-planned communities, mixed-use commercial/residential projects, luxury resort venues, and high-end residential real estate ventures. Extremely responsive to opportunity, Sebastian Partners carefully evaluates each situation in order to minimize risk and maximize profits.

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